IMU8420/IMU6420 Inertial Measurement Unit DataLoggers

10 Degree of Freedom Sensor Platform IMU
                       IMU8420   IMU6420  GPS1     


SOC Robotics IMU Dataloggers are turn-key, self contained, 10DOF sensor platforms pre-configured to acquire, process and store 10 DOF sensor data to a uSD.  Each IMU has a 3-axis accelerometer, 3-axis gyro, 3-axis magnetometer and a barometric pressure sensor.  Both Dataloggers have an on-board lithium battery charging circuit that automatically charges an attached lithium battery when connected to a USB port.    The IMU8420 has an Extended Kalman Filter that fuses 9DOF sensor data to produce roll, pitch and yaw in real time.  The uSD on each IMU is capable of handling up to 32GB cards.  Optional GPS module turn the Datalogger into a real time position logger that can store data in Google Maps compatible GPX format.

   Feature comparison:        IMU DataLogger Feature Summary.pdf

GNU Plot Utilities download (zip)

             IMU8420   10DOF Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) DataLogger

           32bit AVR32 AT32UC3C2512 Processor, USB 2.0, uSD, GPS option, EKF

Documents and code:     MU8420 Technical Manual (pdf)     IMU8420 Project Installer V1.04e (zip)    Release Notes (zip)                          


Google Earth GPX file track created by the IMU8420.  The IMU8420 is capable of recording GPS track data with related real time IMU data which can be dragged and dropped into Google Earth.  Download IMU8420 GPX track examples here.

             IMU6420   10 DOF IMU Sensor DataLogger

                                     ATmega1284P 8 bit Processor, USB 2.0, uSD, GPS option                 

          Documents and code:           IMU6420 Technical Manual.pdf      IMU6420 Project Source


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